Symposium on Nepal’s musical heritage

As a concluding event on the occasion of the International Folk Music Film Festival in Kathmandu, Nepal (November 25-28, 2011), UNESCO is organizing a symposium on November 28, in Lalitpur, with the participation of international senior ethnomusicologists and other experts.

The symposium aims at discussing the existing challenges and future of documenting (…) Nepal’s rich musical heritage.1

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The Folk Music Film Festival in itself (a three-day event on the theme “Music for life, music for survival”) is dedicated to Arnold A. Bake, Carol Tingey, and Mireille Helffer, three European researchers who have studied and documented aspects of Nepalese, Himalayan and Tibetan music.

Click here for the programme of the Festival.


  1. Announcement on the UNESCO website,[showUid]=4771&cHash=1a81ea9014 []

Nicolas Sihlé

Nicolas Sihlé, a sociocultural anthropologist, is researcher at the Center for Himalayan Studies, a research unit of the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) based in Villejuif (France). He specializes on Tibetan religion and society, and is the author of Rituels bouddhiques de pouvoir et de violence : La figure du tantriste tibétain [Buddhist rituals of power and violence : The figure of the Tibetan tantrist] (Brepols, 2013). His current work focuses on post-Mao socioreligious transitions in and around the famous communities of non-monastic specialists of tantric Buddhism in northeast Tibet (Amdo), and more generally on the comparative anthropology of Buddhism.

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