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Borders, Ethnicity and Critical Scholarship

For some ten years, my work has focused on border politics and identity, ethnicity and state-society relations in China, giving rise to intensive fieldwork in the Gyalrong region of Sichuan province. These issues are...


Incompleteness in Yi writings

China officially numbers fifty-five “minority nationalities” (shaoshu minzu 少数民族)—an expression often inappropriately translated as “national minorities” and wrongly regarded as “ethnic groups”. One of these is the “Yi nationality” (Yizu 彝族), ranked first among...


“Kham Project” receives support from the European Research Council

Stéphane Gros has been awarded a Starting Independent Researcher Grant from the European Research Council (ERC Starting Grant)[1] for his project “Territories, Communities and Exchanges in the Sino-Tibetan Kham Borderlands (China),” hosted at the...

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